Foundation Vision

The KLeo Foundation is a private foundation pursuing philanthropy in three primary areas: education, children, and animal welfare, in western and northwestern Washington State.

Education: Primarily through scholarships and direct grants, the foundation encourages and supports higher education. Scholarship applications are  reviewed directly by the foundation trustees, and awards are intended to provide an opportunity for post-high school education where an individual might otherwise be financially unable or unmotivated to attend. Direct grants to educational institutions may also be made to support or establish programs that will contribute to student’s ability to succeed and contribute to society. [Note: the scholarship program has not yet been instituted.]

Children: The foundation supports family and support services, with an emphasis on those serving the needs of underprivileged and distressed children and their families. Specifically, the foundation seeks out opportunities to help children who have suffered through illness, neglect or abuse, and who would otherwise not be afforded an opportunity to grow up in a safe, and productive environment. In general, the foundation supports through cash grants those organizations whose primary or significant focus align with this goal.

Animal Welfare: With a focus on companion animals, and the ability of those animals to find loving homes and have a positive impact on the lives of their human owners, the foundation supports organizations that house, shelter and adopt pets that have been discarded or discovered by those unwilling or unable to do so. In addition, the foundation supports those organizations and agencies that work to preserve and protect the earth’s wildlife. In general, the foundation will make direct cash grants to qualifying organizations.

Western Washington: The foundation is targeted at identifying and responding to opportunities primarily in Western Washington.

Grants: In general, the foundation is a funding organization, meeting most of its goals by direct grants of money, or equipment & materials.